Welcome to Don't Be Late

Hi peeps, First thing first we will introduce our team who makes this game. We are student from Bina Nusantara University in Indonesia, this is our first project on itch.io and this game will be our score on this semester.

-Platformer story progression
-Enchanced experience through cut scenes
-Powered by Unity Engine

Planned Features:
-5 Main story to complete
-5 characters to play
-5+ area to explore

this game tells about things that happen like at this time, where people are often late. then this game will show it, why we make this game with the name of don 'be late because this game makes us to know that late is very bad thing. the game is played 2d platformer genre, where we will pass the challenge-hand there and up to the right time

and here's our team members:
Alvin - Lead Code & Website
Andrew - Music & SFX
Arka - Design & Dialouge
Sandy - Art & Story
Wawan - Code

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